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Garment Sheepskin, 2/3oz

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SKU 95588-05
Color: Chalk

Limited quantity sheepskin. Skins are uniform and clean, available in a wide range of colors. It is lightweight, soft and supple, excellent selection for gloves, vests, jackets and head-wear.

  • Tannage: Chrome tanned.
  • Size: average 6~8 sq. ft.
  • Weight/Thickness: 0.8mm~1.2mm (2~3oz).
  • Color: Beechwood/ Black/ Chalk/ Midnight Navy/ Caramel/ Periwinkle/ Tobacco/ Dark Brown/ Sand/ Saddle/ Heather Grey/ Light Blush/ Dark Olive/ Blossom/ Cream/ Deep Atlantic/ Bright Cherry/ Light Peach/ Rose/ Scarlet/ Blue/ Dark Yellow/ Sage/ Pale Pink/ Holly/ Orchid/ Dark Blush/ Turquoise/ Chambray/ Moss/ Orange/ Army Green/ Taupe/ Blue Grey/ Pecan/ Dark Blue/ Blue Green/ Shiny Turquoise/ Lemon Grass/ Stone Grey.
  • Cut: Whole Hide.