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Free global expedited shipping for orders $150+ (restriction may apply)
Free global expedited shipping for orders $150+ (restriction may apply)



Ivan Leathercraft Co., Ltd is the world’s leader in leathercraft supplies with a proud Taiwanese heritage and an outstanding reputation for delivering award-winning products and services. Since our beginning in 1980, our history is one of continuous innovation in all leathercraft related products.

The strength of our R&D team and collaboration with customers underscore Ivan's commitment to excellence. Our products make it easy for leathercraftsmen to prepare, work and finish leather goods. Today, our line now includes Hand Tools, Hardware, Stamping and Carving Tools, Craft Kits, Liquids, Leathers and of course our Award-Winning Machinery and Custom Buckles and Concho Ornaments!

Today, our company’s innovations and products can be found in hundreds of thousands of items being sold in over 100 countries around the world.


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