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Code of Conduct

Ivan’s conduct and beliefs extends not only in our own offices, factories and daily lives, but also into the communities in which we operate and into the world at large. As a vital part of that global commitment, we ensure that the people who craft Ivan’s products abroad are treated with the same high level of respect as those who work in our own facilities here in Taiwan. Human rights and ethical labor practices are at the heart of everything we believe and create.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of race, color or ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, political ideology, or ability. Always maintain a safe working environment. Use civil language, patience, helpfulness, and just be kind in general. All our workplaces are free of bullying, threatening behavior, harassment, intimidation, and all hate practices.

We maintain reasonable work hours, minimum wage requirements and benefits in excess of all local standards.

Our policy has been the same from day one, it continues today and will stay the same in the future: Any company that helps to produce our products or provides us with materials or services must ensure us that they follow not only our conduct beliefs but all laws, including local labor laws, and that they will continue to do so. While we do not do official audits of these companies, they do assure us that that they do follow our beliefs and standards. 

In addition to these standards, we strictly prohibit the use of child, forced, slave, or any other involuntary labor. Using corporal punishment, threats of violence, using isolation or any other forms of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, or withholding wages. 

We don’t have a system of tracking contractors to see whether they meet our high standards, but if we receive information or have any reason to believe that someone, we do business with is not complying with our standards, we will offer them the opportunity to rise to our standards and if that does not happen within a reasonable period, we will stop doing business with them.