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Free global expedited shipping for orders over $150. Learn more >
Free global expedited shipping for orders over $150

Ivan's custom order is a personalized journey where your unique vision transforms into a tangible reality.

Our commitment to excellence shines through as we collaborate closely with you to tailor solutions that match your business needs, timeline, and fulfill the intricacies of your custom order. Whether it's a distinct design, special material preference, or specific packaging requirements, we take pride in crafting bespoke solutions. Our experienced team ensures that every detail is considered and executed to perfection.

Private Label

We customize products and packaging to meet specific client needs, with minimum order quantities in place for production efficiency.

Custom Kits

We make custom kit orders using our factory materials, with minimum order quantities required and potential die charges applicable.


We offer clicking, stripping, and assembly services. Minimums will apply.

Stamps & Dies

We make custom stamps and heat imprinting dies. Standard die size patterns upon request.

Custom Hardware

• Materials: We manufacture in low lead brass, zinc, stainless steel, and others. Custom finish and plating  options available.

• Minimums: 600~2000 pcs per item, but will vary based on design.

• Methods of manufacturing: Sand casting, die casting, forging, loss wax, CNC, wire forming, lathe, stamping, and more.

• Cost & MOQ: Prices, minimums, and mold fees will be quoted.

• Time frame: Standard lead-time for production is 6 weeks.

Customer Developed Hardware & Tools

• Initial Design: Client will need to provide either drawings, samples, CAD files, or technical specifications to start the development process.

• Consultation:These specs are sent to our engineering department for review. Construction methods, price, minimum requirement, and mold fees will be discussed.

• 3D Plastic Samples: 3D models along with prototypes are used for sample confirmation.

• Metal Samples: Once the client approves the plastic sample, we will begin the brass or other metal sampling process, which takes about 2-3 weeks to deliver.

• Production: When the metal sample is approved and any molds are made, production begins, which takes approximately 6 weeks.

• Delivery: Hardware is packed and delivered anywhere in the world with your choice of shipping method.


• Do you have any minimums on custom order?

Yes, custom products such as hardware and or tools require minimum order quantities. Depending on the item and requirements. 300+ order quantities are very common. Tooling and die charges may also apply.

• Can you make custom bags, leather accessories, belts etc?

We do not make finished leather goods.