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SKU 8091-21

4-In-1 Overstitch Spacer

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Product description 
Roll the overstitch spacer back and forth on your leather project to create three-dimensional stitch like markings on the surface. Use the marking as decorative details or stitch over it, either options will give you incredible depth and refine appearance. With four spacing to choose from, this sets is a great buy for small to large size projects.

Product information

  • Hardwood handle.
  • Four interchangeable wheels in 5, 6, 7 and 8 holes per inch.
  • The contour handle handle helps to maximize pressure of the rolling motion.
  • Also works with 8091-01 Solid Brass Leather Embossing Wheels to create fast and easy borders (Embossing Wheels sold separately).


  • Includes: interchangeable wheels(4), hardwood handle (1).
  • Pack Size: SET
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