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Craftplus® Stainless Steel Roughing Tool

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Product description
Strong and durable bond starts with proper surface prep. Our popular tool now available in a narrow size! By roughening up leather not only removes pre-existing deposits, more importantly, provides a larger surface area for adhesion, thereby increasing the overall strength of the bond. Available in 2 sizes.

Product information

  • Excellent durability: High-quality stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting performance and corrosion resistance.
  • Improved cutting efficiency: The sharp checkered head roughing pattern enhances cutting efficiency by effectively gripping and removing material, saving time and effort in roughing tasks.
  • Enhanced comfort and control: The patented ergonomic handle design, contoured shape, and non-slip grip maximize user comfort and control, reducing fatigue and improving handling.
  • Easy identification: Each roughing head is prominently stamped with an "R" marking for quick and convenient tool identification.
  • Versatile sizing options: Choose from 6mm (1/4") and 10mm (3/8") options for flexibility in different projects.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: 10mm  (3/8")/ 6mm (1/4")
  • Pack Size: EACH

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