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SKU 9307-11

Stretch Satin Kid Suede, 0.8mm~1.2mm (2/3oz)

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Product description
This hard to find stretch kid has a glossy/silky satin front and suede back. The leather is ready for use as it is already fully lined. Used for high-end garments and is made out of a stretchable material and tannage. Fantastic choice for everything from dressy satin gloves to suede pants and shirts.

  • Tannage: chrome tanned
  • Color: Black
  • Weight/Thickness: 0.8mm~1.2mm (2/3oz)
  • Average size: 4~6 sq. ft. (0.37~0.55 sq. meters)
  • Cut: Whole Hide

  • Standard 30 day return policy.